E-Visa Success and Expansion Plans for India

Posted on: 19 Oct 2016  |   Tags: business , e-visa , India , tourism , visa ,

India introduced the e tourist visa back in 2010 and since then it has been a huge success. It was extended to British tourists in 2015 who are now one of one hundred and thirteen nationalities that apply for an e-tourist visa. These visas are cheaper and quicker to obtain doing away with the need to book an appointment at the visa processing office or via a postal application. The cost of the visa has been reduced to $60. The e-tourist visa system is currently available at 26 airports across India. The latest figures reveal that a total of 68,809 foreign visitors arrive on e-tourist visas in September 2016 compared to31,729 in the same month2015. Whilst the UK was only included in the scheme last year they now make up the highest percentage of those entering on these visas at 15.5%. The rise in the use of e-tourist visas has been massive with those arriving between January and September 2016 being 234.8% higher than the same period in 2015 . E Visa to Expanded to Other Visitors It is no surprise then that the Union tourism ministry has now requested for extending the e visa to business and medical travellers to India. "This will be a step to ensure that we ease the visa regime for people interested in visiting the country for various purposes," a tourism ministry official recently said. The Ministry estimates that between 50-70,000 business travellers enter the country each year and an additional 150,000 visit for the medical or wellness trips. It is hope that these number will be significantly boosted if the e-visa system is rolled out across these two sectors. No decision has yet to made on whether the roll out will happen but it is hoped that a decision can be made soon to encourage visitor numbers to the country for both work and pleasure.

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