Dubai to introduce Visa on Arrival for Chinese

Posted on: 31 Oct 2016  |   Tags: business , China , Dubai , Shanghai , tourism , visa ,

Dubai, one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, have announced a new policy for Chinese visitors to the city in a bid to encourage more Chinese visitors for both tourism and business. Dubai will introduce a visa on arrival system to all Chinese visitors, with reports suggesting that this will be place within a year. As part of wider initiative to attract Chinese visitors to the city the government have also announced that the tourism authorities have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China UnionPay which will allow Chinese tourist to pay for events and visits in Dubai via their payment platform. Meanwhile Dubai officials will also announce a Chinese training program which has been initiated in order to encourage more Chinese tourist and business visitors. This involves training tour guides to better serve Chinese tourist. The statistics show that Chinese visitors to Dubai have been on the rise for the past few years with around 450,000 visiting in 2015 a rise of almost 30% over the previous year. Of course Dubai has long been trying to establish itself as a top global destination for tourism and business with some of the largest and most impressive tourism destinations, shopping malls and high rise buildings being built.  A memorandum of understanding between Dubai Investment Development Agency and Invest Shanghai has been entered into to allow China and Dubai to work together to promote both tourism and business between the two nations. As part of the promotions Dubai has been hosting an event in Shanghai to promote Dubai’s position as a global gateway for economic development. China is already Dubai’s biggest trading partner and has been since 2014 and it is hoped that these new easier visa on arrival policies will encourage more and more Chinese to visit the Emirate in the future.

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