Australian Home Affairs Minister Says Future is Passport-free Travel

Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Minister of Australia, and his ministry are currently experimenting with a new technology that might not require people taking out their passports and simply walking out of the airport after collecting luggage. The Australian government is trying this technology at Canberra Airport and has a 90 percent success rate. Australia plans to implement this state of art technology in other airports, making international tourism so much more convenient. Australia receives annual traffic of 8.5 million international visitors and is looking out for a company that will collaborate with the government to turn the protocol into a full-fledged working system. Dutton is open for an offer from a Chinese company because they don’t want to discriminate between companies because of the country they belong to. The procurement process will be a typical one where the contract goes to the lowest bidder with the best plan. Dutton said that they will be checking the person’s bona fides, a consortium that put the bid together, and how beneficial it would be to collaborate with the bidder. There is a strong flow of visa applications, especially from Indian and Chinese nationals, which is humanly impossible to process within the stipulated time. At the same time, it is not possible to hire a big staff, because it isn’t practical financially as bigger the staff, more the Australian visa will cost. With other countries trying their best to reduce visa costs, increasing it not an option for the government. By using new technology, Australian government wants to minimize visa costs, so that more people can afford traveling to the country.

Only a couple years

Dutton said that our generation is regarded a technology generation and asked for two years until the technology will be used at all Australian airports. The technology is something similar to online shopping, but Dutton chose not to give exact details.

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