2018 World Happiness Report says Nordic Countries are the Happiest

The 2018 World Happiness Report is out, and once again Nordic countries dominated it. Before continuing, you must know that five countries form the Nordic region, which includes Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Four nations took the first four places followed by Switzerland at the fifth place. The report takes into consideration the life expectancy, social support, generosity, and corruption rates to develop it. Finland took the first place on 2018 World Happiness Report followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland in decreasing order. The report was conducted and published by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network based on the Gallup World Poll surveys. Canada, which is in the news for its immigration policies and bright future stood seventh on the list, which is a great ranking. It was surprising that the United States was ranked 18th despite anti-immigration activities. Since the US is an immigrant nation, the activities should have given the US a lower ranking. So why did Finland stand first despite its chilly climate? Community spirit is a common trait in all Nordic countries that brings its people together, which in turn helps in creating positive social spaces. All Nordic governments aim to achieve the esprit-de-corp attitude among its citizens so that they are happy to help each other and make themselves and others feel better in all ways. Also, the government plays a major role in creating happiness among its people with several perks including child security, unemployment benefits, insurance, and providing a sense of security to immigrants.

Not only happy but very beautiful too

If any of these Nordic countries are on your travel list for this year, you have definitely made an excellent choice. All countries are equally and exceptionally beautiful as during the daytime they turn into a winter wonderland, and in the night the Northern Lights turn it into the fairy world.

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