Concern in Indian IT Sector over H-1B Visa Changes

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017  |   Tags: H-1B , India , IT , Trump , USA , visa ,

Concern in Indian IT Sector over H-1B Visa Changes

There is a growing concern in India over a United States bill which has been introduced to reduce the number of skilled workers travelling the United States to work.  Indian citizens currently received 85% of H1-B visas mostly coming from the IT sector.  Recently put before to the United States House of Representatives  the H-1B visa changes include increasing the lowest salary of visa applicants to $130,000 up from $60,000.

The move is part of larger move in the United States to protect domestic workers and slow the influx of foreign workers to the country. It is firmly pointed at non US companies based in the United States that employ overseas workers on the visa arrangements, rather than targetting US companies.

The H-1B visa category currently has a cap of 65,000 workers and whilst there is currently no proposal to reduce the numbers the minimum salary changes may severely impact many firms that already take advantage of the visa system.

The Indian IT sector is heavily reliant on the US market and there is concern that the moves will cause problems for Indian companies operating in the United States. But there is also concern that the changes will not actually protect American workers either.

Many foreign companies and workers are closely watching legislation in the US since Donald Trump took the presidency. India has a thriving tech sector and it is hoped that these new visa laws will not dent the progress the sector is seeing globally. Already there are companies looking to other countries to locate their overseas operation away from the USA. Canada and Europe are likely to benefit from any stricter legislation from the Trump administration and government officials are already looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunities that tighter restrictions in the USA may bring.


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