Are you a graduate seeking your dream job? There is at least a handful applying for the position you have applied. Standing out of the bunchful is not a difficult task if you set the record straight from the beginning. Your prospective employer’s first impression of you is your job application, and you surely want to make a good impression. Here are four ways to make your job application stand out:

1. Ask yourself

Before applying for the job opening, ask yourself if you have the skill set and experience to fulfill all job requirements. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t, which means don’t pretend to have a skill that you don’t have. You will be simply wasting your time even if you get selected. The employer will not like your work.

2. Highlight what you’ve achieved

You might be an overachiever, and you want the recruiter to know that. Highlight your most significant achievements till now because no recruiter spends more than 12 seconds to go through your job application. Those few seconds will make the most difference.

3. Leave these things out

A job application is something very professional. Things like hobbies and reference by are somethings that you have to avoid. No one wants to know what your hobbies are because that’s something personal. Even if you’ve gone through reference, avoid writing that, because you don’t want other people to think that you got the job because of some higher authority.

4. Double-check the application

Check your cover letter and job application for any grammatical and spelling errors. There is absolutely no room for errors, especially if you are applying for a higher position. Write your job application in active voice and use sentences not more than 20 words each. In case the recruiter doesn’t respond, give him a call after seven days. Ask the status and if you aren’t selected, go and hunt for another job.

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