Getting goods marks is easier than writing a personal statement. You agree, don’t you? If you are soon to send a personal statement to your university, we are sure you would’ve spent a thousand hours staring at a blank paper. It is something more than academic, and we understand that you get anxious thinking about it. That’s why we are giving you four tips to write an impressive personal statement that will definitely get you selected:

Write the outline first

First, decide what you want to write. You don’t have to write flattering words about how you are and what you’ve achieved. Develop a picture and then fill colors into it. You can also write a couple of drafts, before making a final copy, so that you are confident about the words.

Start slow

Build the personal statement. Start with greeting the person and give a background story. Break your personal statement into paragraphs so that it is easy for the person who reads it. When the readability is good, you are sure to impress the person. Also, make sure no sentence crosses more than 20 words each.

Write to reflect your personality

What the university really wants to see if your personality. They ask for a personal statement because they have met you or seen you personally. A letter from you reflects what kind of person you are. Don’t copy stuff from online because most universities have software like Copyscape that can find plagiarized content. Keep it simple and don’t forget to shine your personality through your words.

It’s only 750 words

In big bold letters, it is written then make sure that you have 4,000 characters. Now again, 4,000 characters are too much but don’t look at what’s written after the number. It is written characters. 4,000 characters convert into 750 words on an average. 750 words take not more than two hours to write. So just relax and pick up that pen.

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