New Report on US Immigration Gives Ammunition to Both Sides

Posted on: 19 Oct 2016  |   Tags: Presidential election , United States , USA , visa ,

Recently the National Academy of Sciences issued “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration” and instantly those standing on both side of the immigration debate claimed vindication from the contents. Both liberals, claiming that immigrations is a good thing and conservatives, calling for less immigration claimed that the report backed up their beliefs. With the presidential election fast approaching the immigration question has been at the forefront of the debate. Donald Trump loudly fights against continued immigration and is basing a large part of his manifesto on the issues surrounding immigration. Meanwhile the conservatives are fighting hard against what they consider to be verging on racism. The report suggests that the immigration issue is a complex issue and there are no clear-cut conclusions to be drawn in which one side or the other can be said to be right. The report goes on to say that there are costs and benefits involved in immigration. For example, the report found that the willingness of immigrants to work at a low wage that most Americans has led to reduced costs in many areas of society for health, construction and home help. However, this has also resulted in lower wages for un skilled Americans. Whilst many were hoping that this report would produce some clear cut answers to the immigration problem once and for all it seems that the debate rages on. How this will affect future immigration policies and opportunities to work and study in the USA largely depends on the outcome of the presidential election. All current and future workers and students hoping to enter or stay in the USA are hoping that the American people chose Hillary Clinton for their next president. Until then nothing on the immigration debate is clear and many are left putting their plans on hold until the country decides on its next president.

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