Newzealand Skills Shortages – Essential Skills in Demand (ESID)


Newzealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment  identifies the requirement of foreign skilled workers in the areas  when  local resources are insufficient.  This particular demand of Overseas professionals in differrent areas are defined in three shortage list of occupations.


New Zealand immigration must conduct a labour market test before hiring an overseas worker and must prove that the resource and skills was not found in the local market to fill the vacancy. However, occupations listed in the skills shortage lists are exempted from conducting this test. Employers and directly hire overseas skilled workers when listed in Skilled Shortage lists.


Shortage list of occupations allows applicant to claim bonus points for professional work experience and are in high demand in the NewZealand Job Market , also this can fast track the Work is process.


The Three Skills Shortage lists are as below :-


1.     Long Term Skills Shortage Lists (LTSSL)

2.     Regional Skills Shortage Lists (RSSL)

3.     Construction and Infrastructure Shortage list (CISSL)


Long Term Skill Shortage List :  Longterm skills shortage of highly skilled workers thorough out New Zealand.


Potential candidates has a Job offer and meets the defined requirements set for the occupations will be qualified to apply for Essential Skills Work Visa or a LTSSL Work Visa. 


LTSSL visa skilled workers, after 2 years will be eligible to apply for residence visa .


Regional Skills Shortage Lists (RSSL) : Formerly known as immediate skills shortage until 26th May 2019, renamed as RSSL w.e.f 27th May 2019.  Immediate shortage of occupations in the regional areas are listed in this particular list and this is divided into 15 regions. One can apply for Essential Skills work visa when listed in the same and has a Job offer in hand.


Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL) : Immediate short-term skills shortage in the construction field and through out New Zealand are listed CISSL . Requires a Job offer , Essential Skills work visa can be applied when listed in the same





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