INZ to Proffer Solutions to Visa Processing Delays

INZ to Proffer Solutions to Visa Processing Delays

The rate of student visa delays in New Zealand, has raised the curiosity of Immigration New Zealand, to investigate the matter, so as to come up with solutions, that will quicken the processing of applications. This happened after Education New Zealand (ENZ), raised concerns in a briefing document, that the delays might stunt the country's ability, to reach its economic goals.

The briefing revealed that ENZ, has received a lot of complaints from students, immigration agents, and providers, that any more delays, will kill the marketability of the country, as a study destination.

Chris Hopkins, the country's Education Minister, received the complaints in March 2019, and these have prompted INZ and ENZ, to collaborate in providing solutions, that will hasten the processing time, of these visa applications.

Jeannie Melville, the Assistant General Manager at INZ for Education and Tourism, said that INZ is working, towards making sure, that education providers in the country, are confident in the immigration systems, and processes of the country.

Melville went further to reveal that the delays were engendered, by the significant increase in the complexity of visa applications, and this has consequently affected the volume of student visa applications. The records, according to her, show that applications from India shot up by 42% while China had a 21% increase.

Did the INZ cause problems for itself?

She stressed that while the country has more student visa applications, the delays may have been caused by the efforts on INZ in 2017, to consolidate visa applications. This move made the agency, to close many of its onshore and offshore branch offices. Due to this action, student visas are now only processed in 3 locations.

John Goulter, General Manager at ENZ, said that his agency will join forces with INZ, in many of the priority areas.

The Joint Work Program will cover information sharing, communication of concerns, and risks early enough, and the development of checklists for visa applications. They will also work together to develop market reports.

Due to the delays, many international students have either deferred their enrollment, or taken their study dreams to another country.

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