Kuwait introduce Country Wide Visa Bans

Posted on: 01 Feb 2017  |   Tags: Kuwait , visa ,

Kuwait introduce Country Wide Visa Bans

The State of Kuwait has issued a similar ban to that of Donald Trump’s ban of immigrants from a list of seven countries which are mostly Muslim by placing a similar ban on citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Kuwait has stated that tight entry restrictions for these citizens will mean that they will no longer be allowed to get visit, tourist or trade visas.  New from the state reports that citizens from these countries will no longer be permitted to enter Kuwait and have been advised against applying for visas.

There has long been tension between Kuwait and Iran because of the GCC nations accusing Iran of destabilising the region while the government has long been worried about extremist groups travelling from the other named nations.  A number of attacks have been reportedly carried out by Islamist terror group. Kuwait immediately arrested many suspected IS sympathisers and introduced compulsory DNA testing for the four million people currently living in the Gulf state.

The banning of Syrians is not new to Kuwait with the country having banned all visa to Syrians as long ago as 2011 making it the only country globally to not allow Syrians until the USA ruling came into force.

It is unclear how long the ban will last or whether it is a permanent arrangement and there has been little comment from the Kuwaiti government but for now it seems that those travelling from the countries on the list should delay all travel arrangements until further notice. It is hoped that the USA bans are not seen by other countries as a sign that they too can join the banning of residents from these countries and that the uncertainties surrounding the travel restrictions are soon dealt with.

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