Dubai - Students permitted to work part time in Creative Clusters

Posted on: 26 Oct 2016  |   Tags: Dubai , part-time , student , U.A.E. , visa ,

University students, including foreign students, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates are to be allowed to take part time jobs during their studies. The change to the regulations was announced by the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) recently and is being implemented by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. The new part time work regulation and permit applies to 26,000 students mostly located within the Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park. Companies located in nine of the creative clusters in Dubai, such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Internet City will have access to this new source of talent. The initiative is designed not only to give companies a valuable source of employment but also to provide the student with essential work experience and business skills to add to their academic studies. The working students will remain under the visa sponsorship of the university and will not have to apply for work visas and or be sponsored the companies for which they work. Both students and employers have welcomed the move with students saying it will allow them to work legally to pay for their studies and employers having a more flexible way to employ a part time workforce without the need for expensive and time consuming visa processing. The new regulations are part of Dubai’s larger strategic goal of building a sustainable creative industry sector in the emirate in line with the Dubai Plan 2012 and the Dubai Strategy for Innovation.  The aim is to develop Dubai into a viable alternative to knowledge and innovation hubs that already exist in North America and Europe.  Furthermore, it is hoped that the new visa regulations will also encourage more students to choose Dubai for their further education studies, making studying in the emirate more affordable.

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