Microsoft strongly Supports H1B Workers

Posted on: 05 Jun 2018  |   Tags: DACA program , h1b visa , h1b workers , H4 EAD program ,

Microsoft’s chief legal officer and president, Brad Smith, feels that immigration and tech companies will see a tough summer ahead, especially immigrants who come under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The US tech company is in favor of the DACA program and wants Trump administration to continue it, who obviously want the opposite. Smith recently spoke at the Code Conference held in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, where he said that there is a room for common ground if people want to find it. Smith also talked about H1B visa program. He said that he thought Trump administration would take away working authorities of H4 visa holders, which will virtually affect every single company in the United States. Smith said that Microsoft had hired 98 employees on the H4 EAD program and all of them will lose their jobs if Trump agrees to cancel it. He also wished for Trump administration to roll back the potential for some STEM workers under the H1B visa program. If that ever happens, Microsoft will lose suddenly lose thousands of highly qualified workers. Microsoft is ready to take the issue to court as the change in policy threatens its very origin. Microsoft is a famous company, and the officials are ready to stand behind their employees and fight for a cause that they truly believe in. If necessary, Microsoft will open a branch in Canada and transfer H1B workers there, which might be a massive loss to the US economy.

Support from Dell Technologies

India is the top seller market for Dell Technologies but what the company values more are the Indian H1B workers, who are the real stars of the business. Even though Indian IT companies in the US get only 10,000 H1B visas annually, 70 percent of the 65,000 visas available go to Indians. Any change in policy will badly affect skilled Indian workers in the US.

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