Wary Democrats Look to Kelly for Immigration Answer

Posted on: 31 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , latest , News , visa ,

On Wednesday, Senators of the democrat party arraigned a meeting with the head of the department of homeland security, John Kelly, looking to get confirmation that there would be limits to the implementation of the proposed plan put in place by the current president of the united states, Donald Trump.

In most cases, John accomplished the set goal. The ex-marine officer told the senators that the customs agents would not take mothers away from their kids at the border, except in situations where the mother or child is malaise or wounded. He also stated that his department would not specifically hunt down applicants in the special action for kids’ entry scheme, which makes available the deportation packages for illegal aliens coming into the United States at infancy.

But a perceived layer of exasperation could be felt during the meeting after a conduction of an interview with approximately 20 senators or more who were in attendance at the meeting.

In private, John looked pacify the senators who had been incensed for days by the current administration of Donald Trump and its policies on migration.

During the conference at Washington which ensued for almost two hours, the department of homeland security secretary told the senators that the government was still looking to get those who had committed felonies deported back to their native countries and that they lacked the workforce required to send every single illegal alien back to their country, a senator said.

A lot of senators were not swayed, though, and amongst them was a senator of New Jersey, Senator Bob Menendez. “On a realistic level, even though the department tries to paint the picture that we are hunting just the criminals amongst immigrants, the truth of the matter is, like we all made clear to him, the new policy he tries to pass makes every migrant open to the risk of being deported back to their home country,” Bob said in an interview after the conference. “Also, he did not refute that.

A lot of senators showed support for this reasoning too.

“Exasperation is a perfect work to describe how we are feeling,” another senator told news reporters. “He said that he would not be tearing mother and child apart, but so far that is what we have been experiencing.” On the matter of keeping the families whole, another senator of the country admitted that he does not assure that happening.

Talking about the issue with newscasters after the conference, John confirmed his stand on families at the border and applicants of the unique action for kids’ entry program.

He also tried to rally members of the House to alter its laws if they do not like it.


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