US Tough student and work visa policies pushing legal immigrants to Canada

While the President of the United States has been tackling illegal immigration, measures have been taken by his administration to restrain foreign graduates and immigrants with skills from working in the country legally.

US Tough student and work visa policies pushing legal immigrants to Canada

To this end, many skilled immigrants and even students have begun to move to Canada so as to be able to work and live there, according to immigration lawyers.

According to Shah Peerally, President and Managing attorney of San Francisco-based Shah Peerally Law Group, whose firm focuses on employment-based immigration for fresh graduates and students, “the process of student visa in the US has become a total nightmare.”

This is seen as one of the reasons why, in 2018, foreign students enrollments and applications into institutions in the United States has gone downwards for the second year consecutively, as reported recently.

At Beach Collopy, Sarah Pitney, an Associate Attorney, in Washington DC handling all kinds of cases of immigration, said it’s been a norm lately for clients to seek her referral to Canada immigration lawyers.

According to Peerally, another reason for the immigration of students to Canada is because of its express entry system which allows them to gain work permits as well as permanent residency within weeks.

A Canadian immigration lawyer, Henry Chang, at Blaruy McMurtay in Toronto, said that Donald Trump’s executive order “Buy American, Hire American” is anti-immigrant.

He further said that the recent restrictions for foreign immigrants have problems which are long term.

Decline in international students

According to the Chronicles of Higher Education, there has been a 2-year consecutive fall in the enrollment and application of foreign students, making this the only two years which such was noticed in the country since 2003. A 2% and 4% decline was seen in the final application count of graduate students in the fall of 2017 and 2018 respectively.

The Council of Graduates Schools in its report of a survey of 240 institutions in 2017 and 2018 showed that the primary driving force for this depreciation is that the applications have reduced by 6% and the first-time certificate and Master’s degrees enrollment has also reduced by 2%.

According to the report, India and China form most of the international students in the US, but Indian students have reduced by 12% while the China numbers remain relatively steady.

Also, North Africa and Middle East applications for graduate schools have reduced by 14%, Saudi by 21%, Iran by 27% and sub-Saharan Africa by 28% in the fall 2017 and 2018 cycles.

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