Tech Companies File Brief Against the Latest Executive Order

Posted on: 21 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration news , Latest visa news , USA visa news ,

The technology industry and the power wigs in Silicon Valley have been against the migration laws of the president of the United States, all the way from the ban on Muslims to the policies to review the H-1B permits that bring in a lot of talented migrants into the country. Around 162 firms are uniting to file a brief to support the case against the revision of the migration laws that was passed in the Month of March. A lot of all the major firms in the valley are in support of this brief. Firms like Google, SpaceX, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. After stating a plethora of incredible work done by migrants in the country since the days of Nikola Tesla, the brief also states why the policy is totally unjust and against the law. “Much like the first policy, the second also hurts the laws guiding entrance into the United States and its negative effects on the firms, its workers, and the economy at large. The document also claims that the policy is in violation of law in the country, which states that “no individual shall be denied entrance into the country based on race, gender, or birthplace. The document also admits that it is within the power of the president to forbid anyone from entering the United States, but says that the policy is entirely out of line with the range of authority of the president. “The forbidding of persons from coming into the country applies to a lot of individuals from different nations who pose no danger to the country. A lot of students, workers, and relatives of those who have already been residing in the country for a long time now.” The second policy passed by the president has been subjected to a lot of court battles. The government refused to counter the refusal of the first order, rather choosing to create a new version of the law.

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