Students are now Turning to Canada

Posted on: 30 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Canada , latest , News , visa ,

A student of the Brown school of Public Health has been left marooned in Turkey since January. Khaled Almilaji, a student of Brown University, has a wife who is heavy with their first child.

He has missed all of his classes at the university as they are all going deep into the second semester of the academic calendar.

He has however been trying to stay up to date with happenings in the classroom from beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Following the halting of current president Donald Trump’s executive policy on migration this month by a federal judge in the United States of America, Khaled has envisioned himself with more hope of coming face to face with his wife once more.

He also understands the new dawn of what it entails to be a Syrian living and studying in the United States.

“I just have to agree being lost between policies and counter policies.” All of a sudden, the country on the far north is looking like a great option. “Canada is having an excellent time.

It’s a time filled with opportunities and moments,” the vice president of international students at the University of Toronto said last month. Submission of applications from international students have doubled all across universities in the country, the president of Universities in Canada, Paul Davidson, said.

The number of foreign students coming into the country has significantly increased in the last ten years. But in the previous year alone, some factors have increased its increased desire amongst foreign students. The poll on Brexit for the people of the United Kingdom to exit the European Union and the election of the United States seem to have been highly influential factors in turning students’ focus to Canada, Paul said.

The number of people that flock the websites of Canadian universities on a daily basis (a point of contact for most students seeking admission) has increased exponentially since the month of November.

A lot of the top-notch universities in the country saw massive increases in applications from the United States: up to about 25% at McGill University, and 35% at McMaster. At the University of Toronto, Canada, the applications submitted by United States students rose by almost 80% in the year.

A high school senior from Severn, Rebekah Robinson, was attracted to the city of Toronto merely because of its climate and worldwide reputation, as well as its mixture of culture and people.


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