No need of Visa in China for Certain Cities

Posted on: 04 Jan 2018  |   Tags: travel , World News ,

Beijing, Hebei, and Tianjin will now allow passport holders of over 53 countries to travel visa-free for up to 72 hours each. So if you travel from your country into Beijing, stay for three days and then go to Hebei, and stay for three days, you don’t need to apply for a visa in China. This visa is perfect business travelers. The service came into existence from December 28th, 2017 onward. These countries include all Schengen nations, Brazil, US, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. China is currently the fourth-most visited country in the world, and its government wants to make it a little easier for the travelers. China’s 16 other international airports including Guangzhou and Shanghai also has this service. Beijing, Hebei, and Tianjin lie in the northern province of China. The Chinese government has predicted that it is going to be the next biggest economic corridor of the country. They expect it to rise to equal Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou.

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China is the most populated country in the world, but it is also the four largest in the world and second largest in Asia. As we all know, it is a superpower and a developed nation, but it has also perfectly maintained its 5,000-year old heritage. It is a land of rivers, mountains, and snow and one country you should visit once in your lifetime. This new visa has made it possible to make short trips to China. You can stay for a couple of days before moving to another country and is perfect for nomadic travelers. Some places in China that you should definitely visit are Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Suzhou. When it comes to food, you gotta be prepared. The food is spicy, but the options are unlimited. Traditional Chinese foods to try are sweet and sour pork, Gong Bao chicken, wontons, Peking roasted duck, and yak butter tea.

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