Maryland High School Thrust and Immigration Debate

Posted on: 26 Mar 2017  |   Tags: crime , immigration , latest , News , USA , visa ,

After a 14-year-old student in a high school in Maryland was raped by two students in the bathroom, the community of Maryland has been thrown into a fierce debate about migration, especially when it was discovered that one of the perpetrators came into the country from Central America illegally.

Angry protesters on either fence of the debates came together on an elementary school’s field on Thursday following a visit by the country’s Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.

The office of the president has also given its two cents on the matter, stating that the federal government has made hunting down of undocumented aliens a top priority because of evil acts such as this.

The county school system in Montgomery has been pestered by lots of racially induced calls and xenophobic threats.

In reply to these, the school has upped its security system by employing the assistance of cops in a bid to quell the fiery storm brewing within the community.

“Currently, we are beginning to receive calls that threaten us, and our safety, telling us they would attack all the undocumented foreigners at our school,” a school representative told reporters. He also stated that the calls from the angry mobs and community members had taken the whole incident to a new high, a situation no one has experienced before in the society.

The most recent flashpoint in all the migration discussion began as a case of sexual assault.

The previous Friday, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez and his accomplice 17-year-old Jose Montano, were slammed with a first-degree rape charge, and two separate counts of first-degree sexual assault.

Cops disclosed that the victim was walking in the hallway when one of them approached her to ask her for sex. When she refused, Montano then forced her into the boy’s bathroom where they forcefully had sex with her, cops reported.

Henry, who is originally from Guatemala, is an undocumented migrant who came into the country via the Texas border and was intercepted by the customs patrol team.

He was eventually let go to live with his father. Migration and customs officials would not release any statement on the other assailant, who falls in the age of a minor but is charged as an adult.

The law mandates for government schools to admit students even if they are undocumented aliens. “I have two kids at home, both girls and also I have four female grandkids.

I feel terrible with what has happened, and my heart is with the young woman and her family,” DeVos stated in a report


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