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Posted on: 04 Apr 2017  |   Tags: H1B visa news , latest news america , News ,

  The time of the H-1B permit is here again. On the 3rd of April, the body in charge of handling applications for the H-1B permit for the year 2018. If you did not know before now, the H-1B non-foreigner permit is utilized by different United States’ firms to recruit or hire international employees in various fields that need deep or expertise specialization in that field such as scientists, medical practitioners, stock market analysts, and accountants. The reason this period of the H-1B permit application is different from all others is due to the halting of the premium processing for the application of the permit. Last month, the body in charge of processing the permit announced on 3rd March that it was putting on hold the premium processing of the permit beginning from the 3rd of April. With the new scheme in place, a hiring company can pay up $1,225 extra for the processing charges associated with premium processing. This is so the firm can get a reply from the department on the H-1B application submission within two weeks of submission in deference to having to wait for months. The body in charge of issuing the permits has stated that the halting of the process would enable them to handle requests that have been submitted for a while now which, according to them, they have been unable to handle due to the large number of petitions they had received and the increase in the petitions for a premium processing permit in the last few years. With the premium processing service put on hold, the hiring company would be patient in its wait to get alerted if its request has been selected for the batch to be addressed. Presently, the department handling the processing typically decides within eight months about the H-1B applications received. With that said, it is plausible that an expatriate may still be unemployed by the month of October since it is likely that the application submitted may still be put on hold by then. Also, present owners of an H-1B permit who desire to renew their permits may find themselves in a similar situation since they can only work for around 240 days while their application request is still on hold. The H-1B permit has made the rounds for a different reason lately; naysayers have described the system as a ploy to exploit and extort the masses, and it only succeeds at the detriment of the indigenous united states’ employee.  

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