Labour Would Cut Back on Immigration

Posted on: 11 Apr 2017  |   Tags: latest immigration news , Newszealand visa news ,

The head of the election for labor in New Zealand, Phil Twyford, said the state of Auckland was falling under the enormous pressure of increased population and lack of infrastructure investments. The Member of Parliament also said that immigrants were crucial to the development of the country’s growth, but it would be terrible if the city could not accommodate the people or if they were continuously stuck on traffic hold-ups. But the minister of migration in the country said the plan to reduce the number of persons coming into New Zealand would not alleviate the pressure on the state’s infrastructure. The minister also said that the number of migrants had increased the pressure on the nation’s biggest city, but refused to agree that cutting the inflow of people was the solution. He said migration did play a part in the pressure the state’s facing, refusing migrants coming into the country was not a viable solution because the nation needed migrants. “The labor market tried out work permit and the expert migrant category that Mr. Twyford reasons would be rejected. So I do not the reason that the trade community and those involved and benefitting from that developing economy are going to be grateful to the labor for reducing the inflow.” Mr. Twyford also said that the details were still being finalized and that labor party would be able to find ways to balance. “We have the avenue to reduce the area of impermanent work permit, and the drop that has happened in the talented migrant category. We reckon that there would be a high level of flexibility to reduce the overall level of migration and that would take away some of the pressure felt by the state.” Mr. Twyford also said that the government had failed to fund the state’s infrastructure properly.  

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