Infosys Abstains from Applying for H1B Visas

Posted on: 23 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , USA , visa ,

The difficulties associated with getting an H1-B permit in the United States have become even more difficult as major Information Technology firms are refraining from submitting applications for the United States work permit for its junior staff, those with around less than four years working experience.

The firms are trying to avoid any complications arising from the current administration of Donald Trump’s permit policies; a report published earlier this week stated.

Local information technology firms have made concerted efforts to accept the measures being put in place by the United States and are structuring their operations to depend on less on the approval of the permits.

Firms are discussing with their customers to take their proposed jobs to their branches in India, some reports say.

Sometime in the year, the Congress of the United States had put forward a bill putting restrictions on the H1B permit via the protect and grow American jobs bill, which states that the basic salary for H1-B permit holders would plummet from around $100,000 to around $60,000.

Nationals from India with the permits and also an L-1 permit contribute around $1 billion yearly to the United states, according to a report.

The Information Technology sector in India contributes around $5 billion in levies to the United States yearly. About 60% of the H1B permits given out are given to Indians, especially in the technology sector.

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