Indian IT Firms Fret as Trump Orders US Visa Review

Posted on: 23 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Immigration news India , India visa news ,

  For a lot of software developers from the country of India, the period at which a review of the H-1B permit scheme by President Donald Trump is to be carried out is a bad one. The permit is responsible for the inflow of foreigners, especially Indian techies, into the United States. A lot of tech experts who had just completed their master’s degree in software engineering, already secured employment with a reputable company and on their way to living the American dream a lot of information technology workers have would have been blindsided when they realize they would have to tarry in a long queue for a permit they may never get. “It’s crazy when you think about it. The timing is weird, as there are too many stringent laws in place preventing us from getting this permit,” an applicant for the H-1B permit told news reporters under cover of anonymity. The country had already put on hold the premium processing scheme which enabled applicants to receive their permits in a matter of weeks rather than months. To put it in plain terms, the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the permit scheme following the announcement of its review has made a lot of intending applicants nervous about their future in the country. For some, they may just have to tarry until the month of August to know where they stand. And for those who have already received job offers from firms in the country, they cannot seek employment elsewhere, even in Europe. “It’s a sticky situation we find ourselves,” one applicant said. “I would love to begin my job and start earning some money so as to alleviate some of this sufferings.” The decision made by the president of the United States to review the scheme did not come as a big surprise to many people, as one if his campaign promises was to take back jobs for the American people and put the citizens of the country first. The policy he currently signed into law has made a lot of international employees already working in the country or hoping to secure permits to think twice about their choices. Firms who employ them also are entirely uncertain about things. A lot of technology businesses in the nation of India are heavily reliant on the H-1B visa to outsource engineers to the United States which happened to be their biggest international market.  

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