Immigration is a Key Election Battleground

Posted on: 22 Apr 2017  |   Tags: latest immigration news , visa news ,

  The huge promise by Labor to drop the number of migrants by hundreds of thousands each year is a huge move by the leader of labor, Mr. Andrew Little. Andrew is utilizing the issue of migration as an anchor for election and should an alteration in the administration he is aiming to bet on the right horse this time around. When he was questioned about the net immigration numbers of 70,600 by a news agency on Thursday, he had this to say on the issue: “In truth, we cannot reach the figure of 70,000. We normally have a migration, average migration of around twenty thousand to around twenty-five thousand. That is the kind of figure you want to be targeting. “At the same time, you have to be flexible because there will obviously be periods when your country requires a lot of foreigners with the talent and drive you presently lack to develop your economy, and there will be periods when the rate of development of the economy drops. There are times when there would be high levels of unemployment as we have presently and begin to hire citizens of the country. That makes sense to me if you ask.” The labor leader is not referring to little alterations in the existing laws. That comment made about reaching a figure of around twenty to twenty-five thousand entails dropping the migration level by nearly half the current number. Andrew is in search of support and votes, and he is likely to secure them if the labor body drops migration laws that prove the labor party is serious about things. The past administrations had always refused to drop the level of migration because the nation is experiencing a certain level of economic development. But when considering the factor of accommodation, then it is a huge deal. According to some sections of the New Zealand public, including a present political office aspirant, the overcrowding is a major factor in the over bloated education and health system. Around a third of the nation’s supporters reside in the city of Auckland, and the labor body is seeking to get a reply from them concerning the issue. The message passed by Andrew is that migration must be reduced by a couple of thousands annually is supported by his party’s aim of creating nearly 100,000 homes for citizens in the next decade. If this will be achievable is one thing, but it does look good for now.

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