Immigration Crackdowns Will Happen Despite Sanctuary Policies

Posted on: 02 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration , latest , News , visa ,

Local authorities that fail to comply with the directives issued by the migration officials may experience a lot more raids of persons in public regardless of the public outrage, the report coming from the department of homeland security and the attorney general disclosed to the public state.

If put in place, such a raid would take place more frequently in those areas, in places of residence, work areas or even just random raids on targeted persons. In a report made available to the press, the chief justice in California, Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, said on Thursday that Jeff Sessions and John Kelly stated that indigenous officials could hope to experience more apprehensions in public places once out of their “Jurisdiction”, if they fail to comply with the laid down rules on migration.

“Some authorities which included the state of California and a lot of its cities, have made laws and orders in place aimed at preventing the immigration and customs enforcement agents from making apprehensions in the cities and state. This can be achieved by prohibiting communication with the officials and refusing them any request they put forward.

They also prohibit officials from going to jails or prisons to apprehend individuals,” the directive stated.

“As such, the immigration and customs enforcement agencies are made to find and arrest these migrants in open places.”

The directive was in response to the judge’s proposal that the immigration and customs enforcement agents desist from tracking the courtrooms to apprehend people whom they suspect of coming from the United States without proper documentation. She also made remarks concerning the sufferers and eyewitnesses who took part in non-migrant cases could start to decline offers to cooperate with officials out of fear of being arrested and sent back to their countries.

The directive from Jeff Sessions and John Kelly seems to have affirmed the fears of officials all over the United States who have seen a spike in activity by the customs agency on their streets after confirming or reaffirming their place as safe areas.

In the state of California, counties are forbidden from allowing prisoners stay past their jail term, even though some counties would alert the migration officials of the time some migrants would be released.

A few cities have increased their protection on their holding cells and policies in response to the President’s orders that make everyone in the united states a potential for being deported.


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