Immigration Crackdown Could Stir up Green Card Scams

Posted on: 28 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , latest , News , visa ,

The sending back of foreigners to their countries is not the only menace that illegal migrants face as the federal government tightens its grips on the travel ban under the current President Donald Trump.

Those seeking to gain legal citizenship status might face a greater challenge of being duped by fake migration officials.

They prey on the panic of migrants, assuring migrants thy would gain permits and green passports, only to leave them hanging dry on the line and without hope of help after the migrants must have paid a certain fee.

“There is a great panic, and that panic would only get worse as it rises higher.

According to history, when there is any significant change, there is a dealing, a major dealing,” an associate professor of Spanish at the Muhlen college, Erika Sutherland said. Erika is also the associate founder and director for the Grupo de Apoyo el Integration Hispanoamericano, an independent body that clamors for support for Hispanic migrants.

“You are capitalizing on panic, anger or happiness. These feelings are pretty volatile and easy to exploit,” she added. The frauds are usually referred to together as the NotarioPublico scam, even though there are various forms in which it can occur.

The verbal interpretation of the phrase NotarioPublico is a notary public. This interpretation can seem to be a source of misunderstanding for individuals not conversant with the judicial system in the United States of America.

In the states, a notary public is one who is legally allowed to oversee the signing of forms and papers.

In a lot of Latin American nations and some parts of Europe, a notary public is a person who possesses a license that is equal in legal standing with a law permit and can stand in representation for others in the presence of the government.

Fraudsters take advantage of this and portray themselves as competent individuals with the powers to proffer legal solutions on matters requiring advice or representation concerning migration, like in the case of obtaining a green card or a residence permit.

They ask for payments and end up not delivering the agreed upon service.

That ends up leaving the clients in a worse position than when they first approached them. “People who are searching for services are trying to do what they think is right. They are trying to follow due process, and they are desperate.

That makes them an easy target for fraudsters and crime syndicates,” a report stated.


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