Illegal Immigration Plummets after Trump Inauguration

  Undocumented migration on the southern border of the United States of America has fallen by more than 60% thus far under the current administration of the United States president, officials disclosed to reporters on Friday. This comes before the employment of his new agent or his proposed wall build. Donald Trump savored the moment over the milestone reduction in undocumented migration, stating that he is already preserving the jobs and livelihood of American citizens by making them not compete for jobs with undocumented migrants. “Since the president was sworn in, undocumented migration has fallen by 60%. Mr. Kelly is doing a great job for his nation,” the president said at a labor conference in the nation’s capital heaping praises on the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. John Kelly is meant to forward the stats to the Senate committee on homeland security on Wednesday. The committee is currently looking into the issues on the border of the nation. Talking to the committee in the first meeting on Tuesday, a former chief of border security disclosed that the rate at which undocumented migration has dropped might be even higher than what the president disclosed earlier. When compared to the previous years, the arrests on the border on the south dropped a massive 67% in March. The former border security chief attributes the decline to the president, who has empowered the nation’s customs and migration officials to carry out unhindered patrols and apprehensions all across the border. “This government has reiterated that it is going to tackle the issue of undocumented migration. The customs body has begun working on the inside, so that message is sounded out clear and loud,” the border chief said. The department of homeland security is requesting for a wall 30 feet high that can repel cutting, drilling and other attempts to break through it. Proposals have being submitted, and firms would have to showcase their prototype which would be put to the test in San Diego. With the success that Donald Trump has faced so far, the need for a wall on the border is being called into question. Some senators said that the department of homeland security had taken away around $20 million from its budget for technology to fund prototypes for the wall. The initial estimated sum required by the department was put at $2.6 billion over the next year. The wall is to be 75 miles long, which brings the average cost to around $35 million per mile.  

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