Haitians Scammed in US Visa Scheme

Posted on: 03 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Haiti Citizens , US Visa Scheme ,

A lot of citizens from the nation of Haiti have been duped of hundreds of dollars after they were lured, into believing an elaborate scam.

The scam promised and assured them of securing permits to the United States for job openings or scholarships, but instead turned out to be a front for criminal activities, the Haiti police disclosed on Friday.

Working with the united states embassy, they have been able to take down a lot of the phony profiles used by these scammers on Facebook.

Some of the profile names included “Ambassy USA in Haiti” and also “Ambassade des Etats unis en Haiti port au prince.”

These profiles put forth unreal permit schemes to the public and a lot of people fell for the scam because it seemed to real and genuine. “A lot of people bought the false news that they would be issued permits once they had transferred a certain sum into the bank account of some persons.

They were completely blindsided.” In a report, the Embassy of the United States reiterated that its charges would never be paid into any personal bank account or via the Western Union. They also said that the only means to make payments for a foreign permit was in person via a branch in Sogexpress.

The embassy also said it would never take advantage of platforms like WhatsApp to send messages to permit applicants.

Also, question sessions would never be done via phone calls, and no one is assured of a permit before the questioning session.

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