Express Entry Draw Issues 3,923 Invitations to Apply

Posted on: 16 Apr 2017  |   Tags: canada visa news , latest immigration news canada ,

  In the latest direct entry draw held in the country of Canada, the nation’s migration body has seen about two of its standing records smashed. The draw took place on the 12th of April, 2017. The draw received a lot of invitations for applications given out to applicants in the direct entry draw than any other single poll had experienced since the draw was initiated in the year 2015. The least total ranking scheme point that an applicant required to be eligible to get a call to the application was reduced to 423, which is the lowest score point needed so far. Applicants who got the call to the application for the draw are now primed to put forward a request for a residential permit status for approval by the government of the nation. There is room for extended families, spouses and other relatives to accompany the main candidate. The migration body is looking to finalize applications for residency within half a year following submission. The months ushering in the year of 2017 has seen a drop in the prerequisites for the issuance of the permit under the scheme. This was accompanied by the postulation of the agency at the end of the year that alters the direct entry scheme, and the residential permit scheme would mean a higher amount of call to applications been given out, and as such a decrease in the minimum requirement score needed. To be eligible to get a call to the application in a direct entry poll, applicants are needed to at least meet the requirements necessary to be eligible for any one of the migration scheme handled by the scheme. Once in the poll, applicants are given a score depending on criteria such as educational background, fluency in the language, experience in work and others. The score is the basis of their position in the pool.

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