Expensive Visa Rules Announced by UK are Set to Take Effect from Thursday

Posted on: 08 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration news , latest news UK , UK visa news ,

Starting on Thursday, stricter and highly priced permit rules that were made public by the United Kingdom last year are set to be affected. This rule is primed to affect Indian nationals and citizens from countries outside the European Union. A means of application from most of the Indian nationals and professionals from countries outside the European Union is the tier 2 sets of permits, and it is set to go through a lot of alterations. Firms in the United Kingdom would have to pay an extra £1,000 yearly in migration expert charges for employing staff from nations outside of the European Union, such as from India. “The migration expert fee is fixed at £1,000 per worker yearly, and for charity organizations, it is at a subsidized fee of £364. It is devised to drop the number of jobs being outsourced to migrants and to push for the development of indigenous workers to take up those positions,” the United Kingdom office said in response to a new tax question. Job positions that require a Ph.D. and foreign students that hope to change from student permits to working permits would be exempted from paying the extra charge. This protection is crucial to enable the country to keep the expert workers and students who are important in the development of the British economy,” a spokesperson for the home office said. The current fee charges are one of the many alterations being made to the Tier 2 permit scheme in a bid to reduce the number of migrants coming into the country from nations outside of the European Union and also for stricter permit regulations. The latest move by the government was the announcement by that expert such as lecturers, social workers, and nurses from nations like India who had submitted applications for the Tier 2 permit to reside and work in the United Kingdom will require submitting a certificate from their country officials with their applications showing their criminal records or a lack of it. With the scheme going into effect by the end of this week, professional migrants who are submitting applications within the Tier 2 scheme for special jobs and dedicated position will now need to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that they have no past criminal records in their home nations where they have resided for more than 12 months in the last decade. If the applicant has a spouse who is willing to accompany him or her to the country in the same department they are being hired, they would also need to provide the same proof.    

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