EU Migration may Rise Some Years after Brexit

Posted on: 29 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , latest , News , visa ,

A simple interview session can turn into a loud screaming match, but that was a short example. During an interview with the Brexit secretary, here is the major talking point.

The secretary of the European Union disclosed his fears about the rise of migration in the Union after Brexit is implemented under the current government. He said: I cannot think of a policy that will be anything less than that which we have fathomed in the interest of the country.

He said he imagined that the government would be able to reach this target of getting yearly net migration below 100,000 at some point. He said: the truth is we are yet to contain this issue of migration. The migration department is independent. We are yet to control it fully.

He also disclosed that the country would abstain from paying the £50bn fee to the Union at the point when it exits it. He said: the prime minister has said that we are coming to the end point of we paying this huge sum to the union.  We will fulfill our duties to the union as we are expected to.

He also said that leaving the European Union without a formal agreement in place would not be as simple as the majority would have thought it would be. He disclosed that when the prime minister spoke about getting the best deal possible, she was replying some claims made by some quarters about some countries trying to impose some deal on the United Kingdom.

Our goal is a total free-trade deal, and that is what we are totally after.

He seemed to separate himself from his belief that the United Kingdom would get an agreement with the same advantages as is accessible now.

He said: One of the things that ensue when free governments negotiate is that those at the forefront are scared of raising the hopes of the people too much. I cannot apologize for trying to be overly ambitious about what we hope to achieve from this deal.

But when he spoke with reporters the previous year, what he disclosed seemed more like commitment than belief: What we have been able to draw up is the thought of an entirely free trade deal and a whole migration deal that will provide the same advantages as we enjoy presently.

He also insinuated that the prime minister had rejected the thought of paying funds to the union after the country leaves following Brexit.


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