Don’t be Fooled by Trump’s Latest Pivot

Posted on: 15 Apr 2017  |   Tags: H1B visa news , immigration news USA , Trump latest news ,

This past week, the media decided to label President Bannon as a caricature figure. When addressing reporters on Tuesday, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, replied smugly when questioned if he still believed in his closest personal adviser, Mr. Steve Bannon. The next day, however, he refused to accept the idea of “Bannonism” as a tradition made up by some external forces when he made known his strong backing for NATO and refused to paint China as a mischievous nation that aims to manipulate the economy in its favor. Within the seat of power, Steve Bannon has been observed to lose some degree of influence, as media outlets currently report. It is believed that the son-in-law of the president, Jared Kushner, is now the one at the helms of affairs, riding the ship and steadying. Some truth lay behind that though, but it fails to take into account the length to which the white house is going to create a scheme that is in total tandem whit the mentality that the media started to portray under Steve’s reign. The president’s new stance towards NATO, Syria, China and Russia are just an incomplete refusal of the Bannon-like white supremacist mentality. The major point of focus of that mentality is migration, and its main supporters in the current government include Steve himself, Stephen Miller and the country’s attorney general, General Jeff Sessions. According to some media outlets, the three individuals mentioned above view migration as an important problem, which is crucial to their plans and goals for turning the country around by anchoring it to its religious and European roots. Some supporters of white supremacy accept that idea. For instance, Richard Spencer has disclosed that he backs a suspension on all migration, especially migration from countries not in the European Union for at least half a century. Just like a member of the United States Congress, Steve King, says about migration: “We cannot build back our identity making use of another man’s kids.” Members of the KKK and other unabashed racially driven bodies have lauded Steve with praises for that statement. It seems to be an ideology that seems to be accepted all around the white house. It seems though that regardless of what happens to Mr. Bannon, Jeff Sessions seems totally ingrained in the Department of Justice. As a matter of fact, even the president was cozying up to the president of China. During this time, Mr. Sessions was going around the border with México and making known plans to make the arrests of undocumented migrants increase.  

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