Denmark Proposes Legislation for UK Citizens Right in Event of No-deal Brexit

Posted on: 26 Feb 2019  |   Tags: ,

Denmark is filing a bill to provide the rights of Britons living in Scandinavia if no-deal occurs. Denmark Proposes Legislation for UK Citizens Right in Event of No-deal Brexit On Wednesday, the Britons living in Denmark filed a bill of 129 pages to continue exercising their rights, under the free movement rules of the EU. As stated by the Ministry for Immigration and Integration, the legislation proposed aims to absorb the after-effects of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. This proposal is supposed to be effective from 30th March 2019, provided the procedures of the Parliament are met. Under the freedom of movement rules of the EU, the bill will provide a temporary arrangement which will allow the Britons and their relatives to continue residing in Denmark.

The Bill Proposed

Access to different types of pensions, access to health care and education systems, ability to work and live in Denmark and also the ability to transfer vocational qualifications from the UK are the rights the Britons in Denmark will enjoy. The bill to be passed is only in favor of those Britons and their relatives living legally in Denmark, under the free movement rules of the European Union at the time of Brexit. Britons residing in Denmark are advised to get a certificate of European Union registration, before 29th March 2019, if they are yet to do so; as well as their relatives. Also, those Britons who have necessary qualifications for Danish permanent residency are advised to apply before 29th March 2019. In his statement on Wednesday, Inger Støjberg, Minister for Immigration said that the attempt by the UK to leave EU is the first of its kind and as such, unique. In the event of no-deal Brexit, the Denmark government has agreed to ensure that about 18,000 Britons actively living in the country are not found wanting. The bill proposed is to provide temporary arrangements for them, which will later be replaced by a permanent agreement by the United Kingdom and European Union after Brexit. The ministry of Denmark explained this in a statement. However, it is still unsure if a withdrawal agreement will be reached between the EU and Theresa May after it was after in January. Støjberg, in a statement, hopes that an agreement will be reached between the UK and EU. This view was also expressed by Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark. Stay connected to Visa Time to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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