Country with the Most U.S. Visa Refusals is not Trump’s Travel Ban

Posted on: 01 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration , latest , News , USA , visa ,

People from some nations have a difficult time entering the United States that some others. The nationals from Cuba have the highest refusal rate regarding permit refusal, around 81%. They have been denied entrance on various grounds ranging from tourism to business, a statistic from the United States department of statistics said.

The figure is an increase from the initial 76% realized from the previous year.

After nationals of Cuba, nationals from Afghanistan are next. They have a rejection rate of 73.8%. Next is citizens from Mauritania, with a rejection rate of 71.5%. Liberia and Gambia are next with a rejection rate of 70.2% and 69.9% respectively.

Apparently, the rejection rates from these nations are way higher than the rejection rates of the six Muslim nations affected by Donald Trump’s travel ban. Amongst the six nations affected by the ban, Somalia has the largest of the all, around 65%.

To get a permit in the United States, applicants must justify non-foreign aims, and prove that they possess both the aim and the financial capability to go back home should the need arise, and the high refusal rate of Cuba proves that they are totally incapable of doing that.

A number of Cuban nationals coming into the United States has risen exponentially since former President Barack Obama made public a refreshing of the bilateral relationship between the island and the United States of America in 2014, research has shown. A little over 56,406 Cuban nationals came into the United States through legal means in 2016, a 31% increase from the 43,159 Cuban nationals the previous year, a report by the United States’ custom and migration department has shown.

Sometime in the month, current president Donald Trump presented a renewed version of his travel ban that put impediments on movements of nationals from six Muslim occupied nations into the United States.

Much like an order, he signed into place in February; the renewed version was impeded by the judicial system. The previous week, a judge in the United States District, Judge Derrick Watson, said that it was important that Donald Trump as a candidate had clamored for a ban on the movement of Muslims into the United States of America.

He said that such pronouncement by the president went against the presidential laws.

An appeal court consented to bring to fruition the order of the president, which prevents the entrance of citizens of the six Muslim nations into the United States.

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