Chinese Denied Visa to Attend U.S. Planetary Science Conference

Posted on: 27 Mar 2017  |   Tags: China , latest , News , USA , visa ,

A leading member of the Chinese team exploring the moon and Mars was allegedly refused a permit by the United States to attend a conference in the country earlier this week.

The director if the Lunar and Space Exploration Center of China, Guobin Yu, was meant to be in attendance at the conference on the 19th of March to talk about China’s proposed agendas for lunar and Mars explorations.

A lecturer of geological sciences at the Brown University and the organiser of the conference, Jim Head, disclosed that before the beginning of the conference, the United States embassy in Beijing, China had refused to grant his application for a permit to grace the conference. Jim disclosed that the refusal ensued after the government of China cleared Yu and Okayed him to go for the conference.

“The approval of his journey was straight from the Chinese government, the highest authority in the country,” head said.

He also said that he was oblivious to why the government of the United States would refuse to grant a permit to Yu. The Embassy of the United States in China failed to grant any interview or answer any questions regarding the issue.

The refusal was not extended to other Chinese scientists scheduled to speak at the conference. A total of more than 20 Chinese persons from universities, academic institutions, and research facilities were in attendance at the symposium.

As a collaborative effort to get the approval required, Jim disclosed that Yu was permitted to give crucial information as to china’s plans for both Lunar and Mars explorations, but he did not go into detail about the expedition in full.

Jim gave his opinion about the current situation. “Their plan is very solid,” he disclosed. The next major achievement for the country of China would be a lunar mission, Chang’e-5, slated to go up into orbit later in the year. Change’e-6, is the second lunar mission planned to go into orbit in the year 2020.

The success of that particular mission may lead to future expeditions in the 2020s or 2030s.

The first full-fledged mission to the red planet by China is slated to kick off in 2010. Jim disclosed that the country is also researching a Mars sample return mission plan for the year 2030.

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