Britain could have to Accept Unlimited EU Migration

Posted on: 07 Apr 2017  |   Tags: immigration news uk , leat visa news uk , visa news ,

The prime minister of United Kingdom, Theresa May, faces the risk of criticisms from conservatives last night by not ruling out unhindered movement during an initiation stage after Brexit in March 2019.

She disclosed that firms and the government required time to adjust to the agreement made between the union and the UK over the next two years.

During a discussion in the Middle East, the prime minister stated that “Immediately we have the deal in place, it will be imperative for there to be a time frame when firms and government are getting used to the new schemes.” Any change deal brokered between March 2019, and the post-European Union is meant to last until 2022.

That means that the country of Britain faces an extra five years of unhindered European migration from the continent of Europe. The Prime Minister insisted that the important thing was that the country would gain back control of its borders and migration policies in the long run.

“That is what we hope to achieve once we come out of the European Union,” the prime minister said.

But in truth, her view of things could anger voters who supported Brexit to drop the increasing number of migrants entering the country for employment country. A migration poll judged earlier this week made knows that while 54% of the general public had no issues with continued unhindered movement during the phase of change. Around 25% of the public thought that it would not be accepted. While the net immigration for the year dropped greatly, there were more European Union migrants coming into the United Kingdom than all of the other nations of the world put together.

The total number of migrants was put at 165,000. European Union head made it known on Friday that the country of Britain would require keeping to the laws of the Union during the stages of change.

“It is the first time I have heard of this, and we are ready to stand by what Theresa May has set out to achieve in her speeches and papers.”

The prime minister’ stance is the most recent in a series of comments made by members of parliament on the issue this last week. News outlets in the country made it known that a minister bashed the aims of the government to drop migration to around 100,000 migrants yearly.

The secretary of Brexit said last week that migration would increase, as well as a decrease in the years after the implementation of Brexit.

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