Boris Johnson is Latest MP to Admit Unlimited EU Immigration

Posted on: 09 Apr 2017  |   Tags: EU immigration news , latest visa news UK ,

  The foreign secretary of the United Kingdom became the most recent prominent politician to admit that unhindered migration from the European Union nations would continue even after Brexit in March 2019. Speaking at a conference in Greece, he supported the prime minister’s stance by admitting that unhindered migration of persons will continue during the adjustment period following Brexit. The secretary said, “In the last decade, I have been part of the people that have spoken up on the positives that migration brings to our nation.” He also said that the United Kingdom does not want to shut its borders on migrants. He said that the nation just wants to have a policy that is well balanced. He made those comments on Thursday during his journey to the capital of Greece. During the poll, the secretary made public his goals for an Australian themed point’s method at the point of entry and also said that immigrants would be prevented from entering Britain unless they had a good command of the English language and possessed the required skills for the job. Sometime in the week, the prime minister failed to nullify the possibility of agreeing to the unhindered movement as the grounds on which the country gets to broker a deal with the European Union. This means that unhindered movement could remain for the next half a decade which includes the forthcoming two years of negotiations for Brexit and an extra three years. The previous week, news media reported that a minster in government is claiming that the government’s proposed plan of dropping migration rate to around 100,000 is a fallacy.  

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