How the 457 Visa Changes are Affecting Startups

Posted on: 24 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Australia visa news , Visa change Australia ,

    An individual in the city of Australia is the poster face for how the witch hunt of individuals on the 457 permit is becoming a disaster for the technology firms in the nation of Australia. Her name is Elizabeth Kaelin. Elizabeth is the pioneer head of Caitre’d which is an online space that links together corporate events organizers and caterers. It an upgrade of another start-up business called muru-D. Elizabeth’s firm currently has six staff on its roster and is continuously expanding. She submitted an application for her marketing expert in the person of Iris van der staak to come into the country from far away Netherlands. Iris obtained her masters in the field of marketing and was employed at Adidas before arriving in Australia to get a job on a holiday employment permit. The yearly income of the firm grew to more than six times its yearly earning when Iris began working at the firm. The company had put a lot of money of time to push the application through, and Iris is presently on a temporary permit as the application is still pending. But the total review of the scheme this week took away the job role of marketing expert from the list of jobs that can be applied for on the 457 permit. That decision leaves Elizabeth and Iris with little or no choice. “She is a professional, and it’s no secret that we have been working side by side for a long time now. I doubt if that can be replaced,” Elizabeth disclosed. “This is the real reason why the 457 permit has been a disaster. The jobs currently included on the list have taken effect immediately which means that all the applications submitted are affected. Out attorneys can’t confirm anything at the moment presently, and we can do hope. It is taking a toll on the whole firm.” The 457 permit scheme will be taken over with another impermanent employment permit. Only individuals on an approved list of skills would be allowed to apply for a 457 permit. A few employment positions were taken off of the list as they are not popular job roles. A lot of programming positions are still qualified to submit an application. The CEO of another start-up in the country disclosed that most start-ups are also facing a shortage of expertise in fields such as marketing, business development, and sale.

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