Hong Kong Passport: 13th Most Powerful in the World

Posted on: 08 Dec 2018  |   Tags: Hong Kong Passport , Passport Ranking , Visa Free Travel ,

Hong Kong Passport: 13th Most Powerful in the World A new report that's weighing the power of different passports in the world had revealed that Hong Kong's passport is now the 13th most powerful in the world. Within Asia, it ranks at number 6. The said report was made by a Canadian Global Financial Advisory known as Arton Capital. In the report, the power status of 193 passports of member countries of the United Nations and six territories was revealed. The ranking was based on the number of countries each passport could take its holder without first getting a visa. The six territories covered in the report include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vatican, Kosovo, Macau, and Palestinian territories.

How powerful is this passport?

The passport of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region moved up by 5 spots to 13th as it was ranked in number 18 in 2017. Holders of the Hong Kong passport can travel to 150 countries without needing a prior visa. Out of this 150, 115 offer visa-free travel while 35 offer visa on arrival. British National (Overseas) passport holders were all permanent residents in Hong Kong until when their permits expired on July 1, 1997. For this reason, they are exempted from making visa arrangements for 118 countries and territories. Yiu Si-wing, Hong Kong's legislator, expressed his pleasure with the Hong Kong passport's new rating. He said he hoped the government would initiate more negotiations with more countries to give Hong Kong citizens visa-free access to more countries. Yiu further said that having more countries grant Hong Kong citizens visa-free travel, will help Hong Kong's tourism industry grow. He, however, acknowledged that getting some countries like the US to grant Hong Kong will not be easy, especially with America's stance on terrorism. UAE, on the other hand, topped the list both in Asia and in the whole world. Germany and Singapore together took the second position. The UAE passport grants its holder visa-free access to 167 countries while Germany and Singapore have access to 166 countries. Stay connected to VisaTime to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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