The Canadian market is flourishing, especially the IT sector and with the inflow of students, it will grow even further. According to a study published recently, the top jobs in Canada include software engineer, IT project manager, and business analyst. The data was released by Randstad Canada, a human resources company. The study takes into consideration job openings, placements, and the Canadian market. According to it, the tech industry of Canada continues to grow to add new jobs for business analysts and developers. Justin Trudeau published the research, Canadian prime minister’s visit to San Francisco to market Canada as an ideal destination for US tech companies to set up offices/organizations. The Canadian government plans to develop Vancouver as the Silicon Valley of Canada, and it is going exceptionally well with all the Trump drama. Donald Trump, US president, wants to stop lottery-based H1B visa system and make it merit-based. He also wants to take away the working rights of spouses of H1B visa holders, while Canada allows it. Top 10 jobs in Canada in 2018 include:

  1.    General laborer
  2.    Sales representative
  3.    Accountant
  4.    Engineering project manager
  5.    Business analyst
  6.    Customer service rep
  7.    IT project manager
  8.    Account manager
  9.    Software engineer
  10.    Forklift operator

Most In-demand Jobs

Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan have the highest demand for tech workers. However, most numbers of tech jobs are available in British Columbia and Ontario, since many startups and enterprises like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are opening their offices in the two provinces. These two provinces have special programs linked with the Express Entry system. British Columbia has the Tech Pilot program, and Ontario has the Human Capital Priorities Stream. Ontario has already conducted three draws in the stream. Apart from that, even the federal government has the Global Talent Stream that works similarly.

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