France Announces A Visa Scheme for the UK

Posted on: 25 Oct 2018  |   Tags: British Citizens , French Work Permit , Visa Scheme for UK ,

France has always taken a strong position against UK over Brexit. Recently, France's president, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, announced that France was going to introduce and enforce a visa scheme for citizens of Britain who want to travel to France, should the UK pull out of the EU without putting any special arrangements or deals in place. France announces a visa scheme for the UK In preparation for this eventuality, the French has already swung into action by presenting a draft law to the French Senate. This draft law seeks to bestow the French government with sufficient power to handle any problems that could arise from the UK leaving the EU without any deals.   What is this draft law all about? The draft law demands that British citizens, who already have the freedom of movement, would need a visa before they could be allowed into France. They would also need to meet the requirements before gaining a residence permit in the French country. They must first obtain a French work permit before they can work in France. There is the possibility that whatever qualifications these British citizens may have would be irrelevant and would not gain them any social benefits in France. This draft law if put in place, could further affect import and export trade between France and the UK. Lorry drivers who hold licenses may no longer be able to use them as the licenses may become invalid. There will also be stricter controls in goods and people. The French Upper House is currently deliberating on the draft law and its provisions. But then, most of the issues raised in the draft are beyond the purview of individual EU countries, but are within the jurisdiction of the EU. The EU has been generally generous with visa issues, giving exemptions to some countries such as the UAE and Venezuela. The UK may have to negotiate with Schengen countries in the EU to gain the exemption for visa. Stay connected to VisaTime¬†to remain updated on visa news from Asia, Africa, the US Americas, Australia, Europe,and the Middle East.

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