Germany Gets More Attention from High-Skilled Migrants

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (known as BAMF) in Germany in an announcement, revealed a jump in the number of skilled migrants from non-EU countries migrating to the country. According to figures revealed by the BAMF, there were 27,000 EU Blue Cards issued by Germany in 2018. This is a 25.4% increase from the figures in 2017 and even higher than there was in previous years. Germany Gets More Attention from High-Skilled Migrants In 2017, close to 85% of EU Blue Cards were issued by Germany alone. Since 2012, when the Blue Cards were introduced in the bloc, Germany has issued a total of 104,000 Blue Cards. Out of the number that received their cards in 2018, about 42.3% have not been to Germany before, while the rest 57.8% extended their status.

The Blue Card is for people with at least, a degree

To qualify for an EU Blue Card, an applicant must have a university degree and must have a job offer with a compensation of up to €53,600. If there are doctors, scientists, and engineers among them, they must have a guarantee of €41,808 in salaries. BAMF records have shown that close to one-third of those who obtained their Blue Cards from Germany in 2018 are from India, 25.9% of them were Chinese while 8.5% of their total figures were from Russia. The EU Blue Card which provides time-limited residency to migrants that functions mainly as a means of meeting the bloc's skilled workers demand. Statistics from BAMF show that on the 31st of December, 2018, Germany had 51,130 people living in it who had green cards. Out of this number, 28,200 had permanent residence permits. These statistics are a clear indication that Germany is an attractive destination for non-EU migrants who have high qualifications. Based on this, Andrea Schumacher, the Vice President of BAMF, has expressed her confidence in the strong popularity of the Blue Card in the future. Stay connected to to get updates about visa news from Asia, Africa, US, Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East! We will also assist you with the visa process for the chosen country.

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