Germany and Finland Passports were Strongest Travel Documents in Europe

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Germany and Finland Passports were Strongest Travel Documents in Europe

The Germany and Finland passports have appeared to be the strongest travel documents in the Europe continent, and the second strongest in the globe.

As per the recent update of the Henley Passport Index, Finland and  Germany are not only Europe’s most influential, but they are also the second most influential documents in the globe, both are sharing the second place with South Korea.

Japan and Singapore passports are the world’s strongest passports since these passport holders can have access to 189 global nations visa-free, or by getting a visa-on-arrival or e-visa. On the other side, South Korea, Germany, and Finland passport holders can move to 187 nations without going through all the process of getting a visa.

Other EU and Schengen Country Rankings

Other EU and Schengen nations that are next were Italy, Denmark and Luxembourg secured third place, Sweden, France, and Spain secured fourth place, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Portugal secured fifth place.

While in the past the UK and US have been placed among the first three, now both are secured in the 6th place, with their citizens having access to 183 nations visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival or e-visa.

As per the press release by Henley Global the rankings are based Henley Passport Index, the forthcoming Brexit has already affected the place of the UK in this list, even though it is unknown what additional consequences the division within the EU and the UK will have for the future.

Political science researchers Ömer Zarpli and Uğur Altundal, of the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University respectively, observe that the possibility of visa-waiver contracts with the EU has helped neighboring nations to adopt essential reforms in areas such as political and civil rights, the rule of law, and security.

They also see that freedom of movement seems to be a necessary precondition not only for growth in the economy but also for social alliance and gradual political change.

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