Montreal Mother Finally Wins Battle to Bring ISIS Daughter Back

A mother from Montreal can finally have her daughter back. She left for Syria in 2014, signed up from ISIS, and fell in love with a foreign soldier, Abu Salaheddin. The girl, Amina, name changed, was only 18-years old when she left. She is married to him now and has two children. After getting back in touch with her mother, the girl will be able to come to Canada, but the government will press terrorism charges. She escaped the ISIS with her family and is currently in the Kurdish-controlled territory in the Middle-eastern country. Michelle Shephard, a reporter from Toronto Star, said that the mother, Saeeda, name changed, knows that her daughter is wrong and has made a terrible mistake. In a documentary produced on the issue, Saeeda said that her daughter was a typical Montreal teen. She was even a little religious and never wore traditional clothes. But suddenly, Amina started wearing the chador, a type of traditional Muslim costume, in which you cover all your body in cloth. Around the time she was 17, Amina started watching videos on the Syrian war and watched for hours. Amina couldn’t stop talking about the children in Syria, which made her more vulnerable to the ISIS recruitment. Saeeda exactly doesn’t know if she was recruited online or through a friend. She disappeared, and once Amina reached Syria, she sent a message to her mother that read "I emigrated to serve Allah.” There was nothing her mother could do but only pray for her child’s safety. Then a few months later, she messaged her again saying that she wants out of place.

Law and justice

Saeeda contacted Canadian security agencies in Ottawa and asked for their help. They couldn’t do much because it is very risky for the country. Amina was rescued in October 2017, when she was eight months pregnant with her second child. We hope a better future holds for them.

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