Sean Casey is a councilman from Saint John, a city in New Brunswick, Canada. The city is currently developing a strategy to attract talent immigrants, but Casey is struggling to bring his wife in Canada. Casey met his wife, Mika Paz, six years ago in Singapore and got married in May 2017 in the Philippines. She lives in Manila currently. Casey has collected all the necessary documents, but it took him almost a year and sadly it is going take another year for the documents to reach Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and for them to allow his wife to enter Canada on a spousal visa. The last time the couple met was in November 2017 and don’t know when they will meet next. Paz had applied for a six-month tourist visa to Canada, but her application was rejected. Casey said that Paz is excited to come to Canada. She wants them to try for a tourist visa again while they are waiting for a spousal permit. The Saint John council will present an immigrant plan by the end of February 2018 to attract immigrants and refugees. The town is seeing a decrease in population, and the council wants to stop that trend as it lost 2,488 people in between their 2011 Census and 2016 Census. After Casey learned about the plan, he talked to his fellow councilman. His wife has nine siblings and has expressed their desire to come to Canada as well. He was then given the document list he will require to collect.

The Canadian government

The government asks for proofs and apart from documents, they also ask a lot of questions. After the interview, Paz will have to undergo a medical test that costs CAD 3,000, followed by a CAD 1,000 visa application fee charged by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada.

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