Indian Professionals Backed by More British MPs

Posted on: 12 Jun 2018  |   Tags: tier 1 visa ,

Indian professionals protesting in front of the British parliament, London are now backed by several MPs and House of Lords. Indians and several other non-European Union professionals hosted their fourth rally since January 2018 as a wrong decision by the UK Home Office has left them jobless. More than 1,000 highly-skilled non - EU immigrants were denied indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom under the section 322 (5) of the Immigration Act, which is used if a person is a threat to the country. Sajid Javid, the newly appointed Home Secretary, said that he will review all their applications and even put a stay on the rule that denied visas of thousands of workers, who are of great advantage to the British economy. MPs who support the skilled professionals include Stephen McCabe, Stephen Doughty, Afzal Khan, Alison Thewliss, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, and Ruth Cadbury. However, the rallies’ co-organizer, Aditi Bhardwaj, is unhappy since Javid hasn’t said anything after he made the announcement publicly. She said that the review announcement is fine but what will the Home Office be doing about the people who’ve already been affected and voluntarily left the country. Javid told the Home Affairs Committee that he had asked the immigration minister to conduct a review on the cohort of cases that arrived in the United Kingdom on the tier 1 visa and were refused indefinite leave to remain because of tax discrepancies. According to the British government, the application didn’t reveal all their earnings, which is legally allowed in the United Kingdom.

Dealing with those who left

Javid mentioned that his department will personally review cases of 19 IDR candidates whose applications were rejected and left the country voluntarily. If they are eligible for the IDR, they will be issued a visa to come back to the United Kingdom, so that they can resume their lives.

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