Europe Planning to Gradually take an Exit from Lock down - With Revised Restrictions

Posted on: 26 Apr 2020  |   Tags: Europe , European Travel ,


European Countries planning to ease their COVID -19 Restrictions , French and Spanish Governments to detail the plan.


Germany, seems to have reopened shops last week also planning to reopen schools in the May month.  Country revealed a plan to reopen the eurozone's largest economy


France, in 6th week of lock down is due to reopen from May 11th , except for the Bars and Restaurants to be kept closed until end of May month. However, the Scientific advisers advised people to work from home also have strictly discouraged international travels.


Spain, also in the sixth week of lock down may permit out door work outs from the beginning of May month, The Prime Minister mentioned the Governments may remove lockdown in a phased manner throughout the May month and until June . it is still unclear on how the lockdown will be removed, country’s government is still due to reveal the plan.


Italy , to reopen from 4th May and seems to be allowing most of the large companies from the next week.The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, warned restrictions will only revised but not be removed completely. Schools will be continued to be closed until September and also specified Bars and Restaurants will not be reopened in May.


In The Uk, since the PM Boris Johnson is back to work the pressure is increased to detail and exit from lockdown.


Sweden, to  reopen to large companies , Restaurants also seems to have permission for reopen however more than 50 people gatherings are still restricted.


Spain has reopened construction and Manufacturing units.


Ireland under lock down until May 5th .


Austria , wearing a mask is compulsory and is reopened for small shops and hardware.


Stores in Netherlands are open


Bottom Line,  world will soon come back to semi normal gradually in couple of month, however people should be careful by avoiding frequent visits outside, avoid crowded areas. People are expected to come back normal (of course situation might allow) only after the vaccine is discovered and this would take a year.










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