No more free movement of European Union citizens into the country after the United Kingdom official exits the EU in March 2019. It is only a proposal until now; the news leaked in September 2017. The Home Office document contained 82 pages, and it was leaked to the Guardian. The document containing highly sensitive information about how the UK wants to change and how it handles immigration and put British workers ahead of immigrant and EU workers in the country. Even though the first look says that Great Britain wants to stop immigration, an inside look portrays that they just require immigration to benefit for them and not only the immigrants. High skilled immigrants don’t have to worry much because they truly valued by the Brits. They want to reduce the number of low-skilled immigrants and give them work permit for only two years. High skilled immigrants have an easier path to citizenship and get a work permit for three to five years, which they can renew later. Also, all those European Union citizens entering the UK will have to show their passport, which was not required earlier. Along with that, they have to pay a fee of 10 pounds. If this document made into a law, it would also stop EU citizens to settle in the UK without a permit or visa. It is going to be challenging to bring family into the country as well. In short, they will treat as international immigrants entering the country. Future of Indians UK Prime Minister Theresa May is one of the strongest supporters of Brexit, and this is only a way to extend her hatred towards the EU nations. The fact that the document is not a law yet means that not all cabinet ministers are happy with it. In all ways, things remain the same for Indians, and you don’t have to worry about it.

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