UK Visa £1,000 Immigration Skills Charge for Tier 2 Visas

Posted on: 21 Mar 2017  |   Tags: immigration , News , UK , visa ,

A price cap for a lot of Tier 2 permit holders is set to be implemented from 6th of April 2017.

This alteration made to the permit laws of the United Kingdom will eventually make it costly and almost impossible for hiring companies with tier 2 support grant hoping to recruit non-European Union citizens holding Tier 2 permits.

If they are looking to save hundreds of thousands of pounds, they may need to start recruiting as early as March and hopefully dodge the migration talent fee.

It is also looking as though the present administration is considering the option of putting in place the United Kingdom permit talent charge in the nearest future to hiring companies recruiting citizens from European Union countries.

British prime minister, Theresa May, has looked to separate herself from a bill submitted by Robert Goodwill, the United kingdom’s migration minister.

Recently, Mr Goodwill told the present administration that the implementation of a £1,000 migration talent tax, to be paid by hiring firms who look to recruit foreigners from the European Union would contribute significantly to assist British employers who feel they have cast away for the foreigners.

In the meantime, Mr Goodwill’s proposal resulted in a heated reply from entrepreneurs in Britain, causing the prime minister of Britain and the current administration to reject and turn down the suggestion.

A press release from Theresa May’s office stated: “The suggestion by the minister of immigration doesn’t reflect the thought of the British government one bit. Mr Goodwill’s statements have been misunderstood, and he has just merely pinpointed the talent tax for the non-European Union, tier 2 foreigners being implement by April.”

In the meantime, a spokesman for the home office told reporters that Mr Robert had given out his response to the prime minister’s statement: “Just like the minister said, there was a lot of choices we could have taken and implemented in the management of migration immediately we leave the European Union.”

“The citizens of this nation have made their voices very clear in the poll that was organised, and we would not be exiting the European Union only to relinquish control of migration again,” the spokesperson told newsmen.

However, a statement printed in the Guardian made assertions that the suggestion by the immigration minister for the United Kingdom as regards the talent tax, and a potential market examination puts forth the thought that the present mentality of the home office representatives includes placing bans currently experienced by tier 2 non-European Union talented foreigners, on European Union foreigners.

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