2017 was a crucial year for immigration in the UK. The country exited the European Union in July 2016, and everyone was eager to know how immigration will now look like. 2017 didn’t disappoint, to be honest, but there were some things that made everyone very happy. One of the first changes that made was to the Family Migration rules. Everyone seemed pleased with the decision. The new rules were -

  1. In case parents don’t meet the minimum income threshold, the child gets to decide if he wants to stay with parents in the UK or back to home. There will be no harsh consequences from the Court of Justice in case that happens.
  2. The child will be granted same permanent residency pathway like his parents. It will either be a five-year or a ten-year route depending on the situation.
EU citizens naturalized as British Post Great Britain is exiting from the European Union; many EU residents living in the UK were worried about their status. The Court of Justice of the European Union announced in November 2017 that those EU citizens who were naturalized as British would hold dual membership of the UK and the country they are belonging. Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa The United Kingdom is in need of exceptionally talented people, and that’s why doubled the maximum number of visas allotted through the Tier 1 system. From 2018 onward, the UK will issue 2,000 Tier 1 visas every year. Switch from Tier 4 to Tier 2 visa The European country ended 2017 on a happy note after it announced that students could change from Tier 4 to Tier 2 visa before getting their final results. The government also abolished the Resident Labour Market Test, which lets UK employers can hire international students and workers easily.

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